"We have the right which drive favorite cars. "

I think that is the foundation of the R/C car hobby. I am enjoying radio control car with this stance.

I began it 25 years ago. But, I don't know all of pleasure of the R/C car yet. The interest is infinite. I love M-chassis(1/10 scale Mini size car) , because I like classical tiny racing cars.

So.. M-chassis is my first. it's my R/C style.

My gusto may be strange, but all hobbies are self-satisfaction of people.

To be slighted by the simple fact, M-chassis are the reduction edition of the Ordinary touring cars.

anybody says, but is it truly?

Most of all devices and the power unit are same about Generally-touring cars and M-chassis. It meaning that the design of the M-chassis are more difficult than touring cars ,

And then, the severer driving technique are required. Even if it looks much slower speed than other machines, You must drive it very carefully, Because the well-grip tires possible to use M-chassis are less than any categories,

The difficulty which is contrary to their tenderness image, Sometimes it will be the cause which drives M-chassis fans and I into the Hell.

Rear wheel-driven M-chassis may be troublesome than 4WD or FF.

You may say to me " Why do you like such one?"

However, I love such wild thing.

I think " The obedience " is " boredom " . Also, I know the way of improvement for them.

Always, they are not only dangerous things. Of course, they have many merits.

For example...

The emotional steering-ability which synchronize exquisitely by your throttle control,

Simple and smooth trainy promises long time running,

And if you use only standard-motor,it is much more faster than your think.

After you took to Rwd racer, You will know that it isn't possible to taste absolutely in the other drive systems about the satisfy.

But Now, Most popular rear wheel-driven M-chassis "M02-series" is completely dead yet. In this class, we can choose only "M04-series". M04 is not bad, but they are too long for me and some tiny European bodies(Fiat,Alpine and NSU).

There is nothing available suitable for FIAT, it is tragedy to me.

If you want to eat beef, will never satisfy by chicken.
So, We are not glad, If they make us choose different one by the compulsion.
By the above, I decided to manufacture it in the way of myself.