Conversion of ordinary-tires to mini-tires.

Often, You must be inconvenient to select your tires from a little of them, probably.

Your M-chassis can't be running freely in some unusual road surface.

"Is not enough"

Of course, I understand your discontent.

This chapter make you a tire manufacturer.

If you want to give more high-performance to your M-chassis, try following method.

And you'll get great number of tires for your M-chassis.


About the Rally-tires convert

This is a "HPI Rally soft". The most popular tire in the rally competition.

Remove 6 blocks of tread pattern with Scissors.
Cut along blocks.

Peg by Instant adhesive.

You should be able to do very easily.

Very strong and didn't tear off.

At Tamiya's Rally-Block tyres,
 cut 3 blocks.

At slick-tires and fiber molded tires