Conversion of ordinary-tires to mini-tires.

If you want to convert fiber molded tire, you can easily get it.

The knack is rather necessary but is still easy.

The inner meshes (molding fiber) always have a joint.

Rubbing the joint with the nail.
You can divest it, easily.

Pull an end of the divested part.

Then, you can peel it off easily.

Don't peel off too much!

Cut off.

To the Circumference right-angled.

Take it easy.

The worry is the mother of the mistake.

The length(circumference) to cut, must be 33mm (1.3inches)

Leave about 6mm (0.2 inches) inner meshes.

Peg by Instant adhesive.

But, still don't spread glue on the inner meshes.

Pile up together inner meshes.
Glue them carefully.
(Don't much soak !)

All was done successfully.